WWH Employee Wellbeing Program

A fun way to adopt wellness habits and live a healthier lifestyle

Living a healthier lifestyle comes with its own rewards, and if it is made easier with fun wellness rewards, it becomes even better!

Employees can register for the program and log in to the WWH Employee Wellbeing Program to access multiple wellness resources. Right from educational online resources, to taking financial assessments, connecting devices or apps, tracking tools, and more, the robust wellness platform allows employees to carry out their activities effortlessly.


Wellness Program Details

The WWH Employee Wellbeing Program aims to improve the health and well-being of our employees by creating a culture of wellness, encouraging positive health behavior change and empowering employees to take responsibility for their own well-being and healthcare decisions.

The program incorporates multiple dimensions of wellness, including physical wellness, social wellness, emotional wellness, and financial wellness.

What is the WWH Employee Wellbeing Program?

The WWH Employee Wellbeing Program allows employees to earn rewards by completing a variety of wellness activities.

Who can participate?

All full time and part time employees are eligible to participate in the WWH Employee Wellbeing Program, regardless of your medical coverage, and will earn an insurance premium reduction or bonus. Employees with an FTE of 0.49 or less can participate but will not earn points.

What do employees need to do to earn rewards?

Engage in wellness events and complete the activities in the WWH Employee Wellbeing program website/app to earn rewards while cultivating healthier habits.

How to Earn WWH Employee Wellbeing Rewards

The WWH Employee Wellbeing Program allows you to earn points by completing the wellness program activities.

Annual Wellness Exams

Get a complete health check-up regularly with recommended exams and health screenings such as annual physicals, biometric wellness screenings, dental exams, etc.

Health Education and Coaching Programs

Develop healthy lifestyle habits by enrolling in one of the lifestyle management programs.

Activities to Support Physical, Social, Emotional and Financial Wellness

The program encourages physical activity, healthier eating, weight management, self-care, mental health, building healthy relationships, budgeting/managed spending, savings/investments, and more.

Wellness Challenges

Fitness and wellness challenges that are a fun way to develop healthier habits.

How to register

How to upload proof for activities

How to earn points

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the WWH Employee Wellbeing Program? Here is our FAQs section. For more support, check our support center

Biometric screenings are scheduled bimonthly at WWH with the community health team and are free. They include biometric labs (total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides, and glucose), blood pressure, height/weight/BMI/waist circumference, and results explanation. Your attendance and completion of all biometric stations are marked as complete for you, but you are responsible for updating your biometric labs, height, weight, and blood pressure in your account.
Alternately, you can complete an annual exam between 1/1/22 and 12/17/22 with biometric labs while seeing your medical provider. You are responsible for any visit copays or deductibles. For a past or future visit, please have your provider sign the verification form or attach a screenshot from MyChart that shows you had an annual exam with the completed biometric screening tests as listed above.

The Dental exams are on the honor system. For this first program cycle, an exam between 1/1/22 and 12/17/22 qualifies. Go to the Activities box, click the chosen exam, then click Update Status, and then Submit Request. You do not need to send proof of the exam.

Whenever a user receives the email with the subject " Your 'Device name' got disconnected from the Wellness platform,” please login to the WWH Employee Wellbeing Program webpage or use the MyHealthPlus app, and reconnect the device to your account.

You get 50 points for completing your HRA with or without including biometric lab numbers. The biometric section is the last section of the HRA, and this information should be completed after this year’s biometric screening or annual exam with the most recent numbers. If you have not done your biometric screening or annual exam this calendar year, please wait until you have completed your screening to fill in this information, so it is current.

If you completed your HRA, but need to add your biometric numbers, go to the Health icon on the left-hand side, click Health Assessment, and click on Edit Answers on the right side of the screen. From the dropdown, choose Biometrics. Fill in the missing values.

You can find the HRA in the Onboarding box as Complete Your HRA or go to the Health icon on the left-hand side, click Health Assessment. Click New Assessment in the upper right-hand corner to complete the HRA. Once completed, you will get 50 points for the HRA and you get a personalized Wellness Score.

The website works best using Google Chrome or Firefox. You may encounter a few glitches with Edge or Explorer, but it will still work. Note- Google is blocked by the WWH security firewall, so please try to use Edge on WWH computers (or your own device if appropriate).

You may notice some differences in what you can access on the WWH Employee Wellbeing Program website versus what is available in the myHealthPlus app. The website will have all activities and tools listed, so please login to the website if you are not seeing all information in the app. For example, programs such as Biometric screenings and fitness center attendance or at-home workout logging, are only available on the website.

The Leaderboard is to the right of the Reward Summary and Newsfeed on the Dashboard. This is a running total of participant's steps for the participants who you have added or accepted as “friends” that is cumulative over the past 7 days.

Not at all. You can choose to log your exercise if you are not syncing a wearable device or app to track your steps gained from exercise and activities. Logging an activity will award you a calculated number of steps based on the type of activity and the amount of time you did the exercise. Employees that do wear a device but participate in activities (i.e. swimming, cycling, etc) that do not properly calculate the exercise to steps on a tracker may want to enter the exercise manually. Points are gained from achieving a certain amounts of steps a day. For details, go to Points or the Program Guide that was attached to your email invitation to register.
The Health logs (i.e., Blood pressure, weight) are for your use only. The Nutrition logs are available for those who wish to track their food intake and nutrients, and tracking nutrition daily will award 1 point per day. However, if you are already logging your food through a separate app (i.e., MyFitnessPal), there is no need to do both.

Please go to the Steps and Exercise section in the FAQ’s.

Reminder: your username is your employee ID for Kronos, and your wwhealth email can also be used for logging in. However, if this does not work, you can request a password reset from the log-in page. You will be sent your username and a temporary password. Once logged in, you can find your username by going to User Settings (circle in top right corner), Settings, and Personal Details.
User Settings-> Settings-> Personal details

Click the Events icon on the left-hand side. The calendar will display all upcoming events. All events are eligible for points and the designated points are next to the name of the event. Click on the event you're interested in and then click Register.

Yes! Once you click the Register button, then click Add to Calendar, and you choose the calendar you'd like to use. A few events have limited enrollment. If you register but don't plan to attend, please unregister yourself to open a spot for others.

To better facilitate points being awarded for attending various events, please utilize the event calendar by registering for the event in advance. After participating in the event, find the event in the calendar. Click on the event, and you will see a “check in” option. Click check in and enter the event check-in number provided in the event communication and within the app.

Yes! You must sign in at the event you attend, and those will be cross-referenced with WWH Employee Wellness Program for points to be awarded. It may take up to 10 days for points to be awarded. However, it is greatly appreciated if you register in advance as it makes awarding points much faster and easier for the WWH Employee Wellness Program. You can register on the date of the event or right after as well and still “check-in.”

It could take up to 10 days.

That's ok! You will not get penalized. However, it is appreciated if you can unregister for an event you know you cannot attend.

Click on the Points icon. Look in the box named Activities. There you will see a list of possible activities with the subjects in blue letters. Click on the activity you'd like to check. A box will appear showing what you have earned points for.
Click Points icon-> Activities->

Your settings have defaulted to Private automatically. You must manually change the settings if you'd like anything visible to others. Go to User Settings (circle in the top right corner), Settings, and Privacy. Change whatever you'd like others to see. Friends are those you have chosen or accepted as friends, and the Public are all registered users within WWH. WWH health professionals (health coach, dietitian, etc) cannot see your health information unless you choose to share it with them. WWH program administrators can only see aggregate reports for all registered employees, not individual health data.

While spouses/dependents are not eligible to earn points towards insurance premium reductions, they are welcome to use all the features in the WWH Employee Wellbeing Program platform. A spouse/dependent needs to be invited by you to register. To send an invitation, the registered employee will go to User Settings, Settings, then Dependents. Click the green "Add" button in the left corner. Fill in the information in the pop-up box and click Save. Then, click the green envelope to the far right of the newly added dependent’s name. An invitation email has been sent.
1) User Setting-> Setting-> Manage Dependents-> Add-> Fill in Information-> Save-> Send Invitation

Not at all! The wellness platform syncs your steps gained from the wearable (i.e., Fitbit) or app that you connect. It doesn't transfer exercise, and it's not supposed to. For example, if your Apple Watch shows that you did 40 minutes of running and gained 5,000 steps, the platform will capture just the 5,000 steps. The way you gained those steps is not reflected in the platform. You do not need to manually add the activity, as that would cause duplication of step accumulation.

You can choose from several free apps that are compatible. You can find these under User Settings then Apps & Devices. The Apple Healthkit is automatically on all iPhones and can easily track your steps when you are carrying it.

You can manually enter your activity and it will be converted to steps. Go to the Trackers icon on the left-hand side then click Exercise. Under Log Activity, you can type what activity you did and how long you did it. You will then be given an equivalent amount of steps.
1) Trackers-> Exercise-> Log Activity-> Search Activity-> Length of time

Go to the Trackers icon on the left-hand side then click Exercise. Find the date you need to edit from the small date box. Scroll to the bottom of the page to Logged Activity. Click Delete for the activity you need to change. Add the correct activity or steps to the correct day.
Select date entered on-> Delete-> Re-enter on correct date

Go to the Trackers icon on the left-hand side then click Exercise. Choose the date you need from the small date box found to the right of the Log Activity box. Type in the activity or the word Steps and enter the necessary information.

If your Fitbit is connected to the WWH Employee Wellbeing Program platform, but the steps aren't syncing, try opening the Fitbit app on your phone and allowing it to sync. Once complete, open the MyHealthPlus app. If it's still not showing the same numbers, it may need to be repeated. The apps often need to be refreshed to send updated information. The same can be done on a computer if you aren't using the apps. If you still don’t see the same numbers, give it 24 hours and check again. If still an issue, contact the WWH Employee Wellbeing Program administrators.

Log in to the website, click on User Settings, then Apps & Devices. Toggle the app/device you need to reconnect. That should take you to the log-in page of that app or device. Log-in and you should now be reconnected. On the MyHealthPlus app, click the three dots at the bottom of the screen and scroll to Devices. Tap Devices then follow the steps above.

There is a document located on the Device page. Access by clicking Connect Your Device in the Onboarding box or by clicking User Settings (circle icon in the top right-hand corner) then click Apps & Devices. The green bar across the page has a link to the document.
User Settings--> App & Devices-> Select tracker type
*Apple HealthKit must be turned on through myHealthPlus app

You can only access the current week and the week prior.

You can do as many as you'd like; however, there is a limit of one course per 6-month cycle to earn points.

Yes, but you will finish some courses early. You have 12 weeks to complete a course, but many are completed in 9 weeks. If you start a course in 1 program cycle but do not complete it, your place is saved, and you can finish it in the next program cycle. Points will be awarded once the course is complete.

More than likely, you have completed the course early. Good job!

It can take up to 24 hours to get points. There is a limit of one course per 6 months to earn points.

Yes! Please follow this link App for SelfHelpWorks Courses

Yes! It's called MyHealthPlus and can be found in the App Store for iOS or Google Play store for Android. It is a green circle with a white plus sign in the center. You will log in the same as you do for WWH Employee Wellness Program.

Please follow these instructions.
1. Log in to the WWH Employee Wellness Program web portal, on a computer, and disconnect SHealth.
2. Open the SHealth App on your phone and go to Settings-> Data Permission and turn off all app permissions.
3. Clean app cache data by doing the following steps:
go to phone settings-> Apps-> MyHealthPlus-> storage. Two buttons will show Clear Data and Clear Cache. Tap both buttons.
4. Uninstall the MyHealthPlus app from your phone. For reference, you can see the following Youtube Video
5. Install MyHealthPlus and try to login and connect the app again to SHealth on your phone.

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